What Makes A Proper View Unique

Striving to be Winston-Salem’s Best Eye Doctor & Eyeglasses Shop


First things first: there are a lot of great eye doctors and opticals out there. We all do a lot of the same things. We give eye exams, treat medical eye issues and fit you in new glasses and contact lenses. However, how we go about doing those things is what makes each office or shop unique.

At A Proper View, we want each and every person who walks through our door to feel like they have our complete focus (pun intended) and that they are the center of our universe. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by a member of our team, including our office dog Watson, we want to offer the absolute best experience you’ve encountered when having your eyes examined or picking out new glasses.

Our eye exams are as thorough as they come, with ample time given to ensure we offer the best prescription and personalized vision solution to each of our patients. We also check every patient for eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eyes, as well as for signs of systemic issues that may initially present with changes in the eyes like high blood pressure and diabetes. And the best news? We do all of this without putting you through the dreaded ‘puff test’!


Our favorite aspect of what we do? Helping you pick out your next set of glasses! From the start, we’ve worked hard to offer a unique collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses designed to fit just about every face shape and personality! We work with only independent companies who are focused on combining the best in craftsmanship and style. When you step in our doors, there’s no need to worry about walking out with a pair of glasses you’ll regret. Our job is to make you look good AND see good!

When the time comes for your next eye exam, or you’re looking for your next set of glasses, ask yourself if you’re being ‘wow’ed by your current experience. If your answer is no, pick up your next set of glasses or have your next eye exam at A Proper View. We promise you’ll leave knowing what makes us unique.