How to Care for Those Gorgeous New Glasses

6 Steps to Keeping Your Eyeglasses Clean and Pristine


Now that you have rewarded yourself with a pair of beautiful new eyeglasses from Winston-Salem’s premier glasses boutique, what’s next? Well, besides showing them off to your friends and family (which is of course priority #1), you will want to learn some simple steps to keep those fresh new sunglasses or eyeglasses looking in tip-top shape. Below, you will find our list of steps that we educate all of our newly minted eyewear aficionados on to keep their glasses looking their absolute best:

  1. Rinse your glasses under a stream of lukewarm water.

    • This helps to remove any debris so you won’t scratch your prescription lenses when cleaning. Also, avoid hot water as it may damage any lens coatings or treatments.

  2. Add a drop or two of moisturizer-free dish soap to each lens.

    • Only a small amount is needed. We’re big fans of the original blue Dawn around here. Just make sure whatever you use is lotion-free.

  3. Gently rub both sides of the lenses and the glasses frame for a few seconds.

    • Remember to get those nose-pads and the end of the arms (where they rest behind your ears) as these are the spots that have the most contact with your skin.

  4. Rinse both sides of your lenses and your frame again under lukewarm water.

    • Keep going until you see that all the soap is gone to avoid smearing your glasses lenses when you dry them.

  5. Shake your glasses to remove excess water, then dry them with your microfiber cleaning cloth.

    • Make sure to get the area where the lenses meet the glasses frame. That’s the most overlooked spot!

  6. Store them proper-ly when you aren’t wearing them.

    • Your eyeglasses and sunglasses always come with a complimentary case- just make sure to use it! And if you’re setting them down briefly always lay them down with the lenses facing up to avoid unwanted scratches.

There you have it! Six simple steps to keeping your beautiful glasses looking as good as the day you picked them up. Oh, and as an added bonus- here are a few additional things to avoid (while also making your eye doctor and eyewear stylist quite happy).

  • Watch out for that shirt-tail, especially when your lenses are dry.

  • No saliva, please. (Yes, we know you’re out there)

  • Windex + paper towels = bad news.

That’s it! And keep in mind we know you won’t always have access to running water and dish soap when you’re on the go. That’s why every purchase of eyeglasses or sunglasses comes with a complimentary bottle of eyeglass spray (plus free refills for life!). Use this in place of soap and water along with your microfiber lens cloth when you’re out and about doing all the fun things Winston-Salem has to offer.

Now, go out there and show off those fabulous new glasses! (And don’t be shy about mentioning where you got them)