Dry Eye Center in Winston-Salem, NC

Offering Personalized Solutions for Patients with Dry Eyes


Suffering from chronic dry eyes? We are here to help!

Although we might be best known for our fabulous glasses, we take ocular health just as seriously. Recent research shows that roughly 40% of people suffer from some form of dry eyes. The most common symptoms? Itchy or watery eyes, redness, eye fatigue and vision that fluctuates throughout the day. If any of these symptoms happen to you, we strongly recommend letting us take a look and evaluate whether dry eyes may be the culprit.

Our dry eye exam involves assessing each individual patient’s symptoms to determine the extent it may be impacting their day-to-day activities, as well as taking a detailed history to determine if medications, supplements or certain activities could be exacerbating your symptoms. We also do a thorough evaluation of the surface of the eye to determine the severity of your dry eyes, along with whether your issues are from aqueous deficient or evaporative dry eye, or a combination the two.

Once your examination is complete, we can then look to personalize your treatment plan to ensure we are addressing your main symptoms as well as taking into consideration your personal history to find the most effective solution. Treatment options range from non-prescription products to prescription strength medications along with possible in-office treatments to address issues that may not resolve with at home therapy.

When you are ready to eliminate your dry eye symptoms, give us a call at 336-701-6460 to schedule your dry eye exam, or click the button below to request an appointment online.

We look forward to getting you back to feeling and seeing your best!