The Unofficial Start of Summer

Summertime in Winston-Salem Means Sunglasses

prescription sunglasses winston salem nc.png

With Memorial Day 2019 in the books, it’s unofficially summer here in Winston-Salem. Everyone has pulled the covers off their pools and many of you are starting to pack your bags for the beach or the lake. With the sun shining we’ve got one thing on our minds: sunglasses!

Although it is just as important to wear your sunglasses in the winter months, most of us spend significantly more time outdoors in the summer, hence our big push for sunglasses this time of year. While all that sunshine does a great job improving our Vitamin D levels, it can also do a number on our skin and eyes. Fortunately, the word has gotten out about the importance of sunscreen with increased time outdoors, but we still feel like there isn’t enough focus on sunglasses and UV protection for our eyes.

Studies have consistently shown that we avoid applying sunscreen around our eyes (it does burn like the dickens when it gets in them, which is likely why we avoid it). However, a good percentage of people still do not wear sunglasses to protect this exposed area, leading to issues such as skin cancer of the lid as well as problems behind the eye like cataracts and macular degeneration.

The goods news is one simple fix can greatly reduce your risk for all of these problems. Yep, you guessed it: sunglasses! Try your best to wear them anytime you step outside, even on cloudy or overcast days. And if you’re in need of some good-looking new shades (which you’ll be more likely to wear, by the way), come by and check out all of our sunglasses in our Winston-Salem shop. We can do both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses (we take outside prescriptions, too!). We’ve got some beauties from KREWE and Article One as well as RES/REI and Orgreen. All of them are handmade and will last you for many summers to come!